Standing straight; it would seem like a pretty easy thing to do. However, incorrect posture brought about by activities of daily living and our current lifestyle brings about postural imbalances on a regular basis.

If one should examine how to properly stand straight:

So why do we need good posture?

In many circumstances a body will react to a dysfunction by realigning posture and there will be no side affects or discomfort as a result. Our bodies have an outstanding ability to adapt to changes in our environment, and any compensatory posture, which may arise, can be there for a reason.

Another scenario however, is that a body will react to activities of daily living by creating a new posture and this in itself will cause dysfunction. Thus when we are looking at a problem from a therapeutic angle it is often necessary to examine a person's posture and to prescribe exercises/ treatments for a person's posture.

Benefits of good posture

A well proportioned erect posture: