What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a mainstream and scientific-based form of healthcare with a distinct assessment, treatment and management approach in the field of musculoskeletal health.

It incorporates a whole-body approach in assessment of the musculoskeletal system. A detailed analysis of findings is determined through extensive history-taking and whole-body musculoskeletal assessment.

Physical Therapy specialises in the use of palpatory skills, not only in the initial assessment phase but also in continual assessment and monitoring of soft tissues and joint motion during treatment.

It integrates a wide variety of advanced soft tissue and articular techniques outlined in greater detail on this site.

What can this site do for me?

The aim of this site is to look at some of the basic injuries that can be treated using physical therapy. Each of the mainstream sporting activities are outlined giving common injuries, and some helpful tips on prevention.

This site can also used as a reference point for patients past and present to refresh on stretching and rehabilitation points outlined in a session.

Potential Clients can also review; Session Outline, Profile and Contacts to familiarise themselves with what a physical therapy session can entail.

Is there anything I need to know?

Physical Therapy is a "hands-on" treatment approach, each session is 50 minutes in length and patients should be aware that a thorough medical history shall be taken from all clients.

Numerous musculoskeletal conditions can be treated using physical therapy; from headaches to post fracture rehabilitation, so if you feel you are unsure if your ailment is suitable for this kind of therapy please feel free to contact us at info@northdublintherapy.ie